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32nd Bomb Squadron, 1942-1945

A Place for Old Friends to Get Together, Tell Us Where and How They Are, Record History, and
Share Memories and Information about the 32nd Bomb Squadron and Its Members in WWII

 History of the 32nd Bomb Squadron, 301st Bomb Group (H), through WWII.

 A Historical Journey of the 32nd Bomb Squadron from 1917 through 1988

 From the collection of Freeman B. Anderson, 32nd Bomb Squadron, 301st Bomb Group donated by Allison A. Anderson, his daughter.

  First-hand accounts of combat and other experiences during WWII by 32nd Bomb Squadron personnel.

  Sergeant Eugene Townsend's B-17 Nose Art for the 32nd Bomb Squadron During WWII.

  A Nose-Art Gallery, from Sergeant Eugene Townsend's B-17 Nose Art for the 32nd Bomb Squadron.

  B-17 losses by the 32nd Bomb Squadron and recorded fate of crews, WWII.

  32nd Bomb Squadron Aircraft Histories by Serial Number and Name.

  301st Bomb Group Mission Summaries.

  Unit awards and citations.

  Post-WWII get-togethers and reunions. Biannual reunions - Local and regional get-togethers and group activities.

  Where are they now? Post-war and current information about WWII 32nd Bomb Squadron personnel. Names and addresses as of the 1996 reunion - Members for whom we lack information - The Last Flight: Members who have departed our ranks.

  ONE FOOT ON THE GROUND is an article that appeared in the February 27, 1943 issue of Colliers Magazine.

  ROBERT CAPA'S a short trip to France.

  North Africa - For All Members of United States Expeditionary Forces in North Africa
This pamphlet was issued to all personnel of "Operation Torch" the Invasion of North Africa in November of 1942.

  Rosters of 32nd Personnel on March 12th and May 2nd, 1942.

  About Boyd Thompson.

Boyd Thompson

A Memorial. June 1, 1921 – July 9, 2016. This is a 're-creation' of Boyd Thompson's original 32ndbombsquadron website.

I met Boyd' when I found his original website in the early 2000's and we communicated a few times over the years. He was very proud of his service and of the 32nd Squadron.

Some time ago the original website disappeared (after his death it was available for a time) and I unsuccessfully attempted to reach the company that helped him and hosted it. I have seen this happen to many sites created by veterans and even associations. So some time ago we made a backup of the site. I am sure Boyd would be pleased to keep the memories of these men alive. Here's to Boyd for bringing this to everyone in the first place and all the contributions. I've changed it up a bit and accounted for viewing on cell phones, etc. As a Director of the Army Air Corps Museum, thank you all for visiting and contributing material in the past. I am honored to bring this back, I hope I have recovered everything. Regards, Robert Coalter.

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