Our Mission

The mission of the Army Air Corps Library and Museum is to 'Save Military History One Soldier At A Time' and educate the public on military history.

In regards specifically to this website it is to honor the service and all the work Boyd Thompson did in gathering and presenting this information on the 32nd Bomb Squadron for many years. People and organizations spend hundreds of hours and expense generating websites with fantastic material for families, researchers, historians and hobbiests. However many do not make provisions for when they cannot maintain the site or close their doors. We attempt to rescue this material so that it will not be lost.

We were not able to obtain the same domain name but instead acquired the .org version. We have made design changes so that the data will render nicely on computers, tablets and phones.

Boyd felt a duty, honor, obligation to render this material of the 32nd and the Army Air Corps Library and Museum wants to continue this for him.

On a side note, one of our directors has a familial connection to the 32nd Squadron of WWII and so this is personal for him.




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