Rosters of 32nd Personnel on March 12th and May 2nd, 1942

ON DECEMBER 5, 1941, the ground echelon of the 32nd sailed out of Golden Gate aboard the "USS President Johnson" bound for the Philippines and the 19th Bomb Group, but the fateful events of the morning of December 7th led to a swift change of orders which landed the 32nd back in San Francisco on the 8th. After a short bivouac in Golden Gate Park the outfit moved to Kern County Airport at Bakersfield, California where the ground and air echelon met for a few days before the air echelon took off late in December for the battle of Java via McDill field, Brazil, Freetown and Cairo. Meanwhile the ground echelon entrained at Bakersfield on March 10, 1942 and a few days later joined the 301st Bombardment Group at Geiger Field, Spokane, Washington where it was forming. It was at Geiger Field in Spokane that many of the new personnel got to see the beautiful B-17 Heavy Bomber. The following is a roster of the Ground Echelon members that were the formation of the 32nd Bomb Squadron when it was assigned to the 301st Bomb Group (H) on March 12, 1942.

32nd Bombardment Squadron (H) AFCC

Geiger Field
Spokane, Washington
March 12, 1942

Master Sergeants:
Collins, Charles R.
Smith, Roscoe O.
Stout, Fred L.
Tompkins, A. W.
Wilson, William A.

Tech Sergeants:
Cronan, Thomas J.
Disel, Edmond A.
Fahey, Bernard A.
Guy, Robert A.
Hall, Earl J.
Jamrog, Robert J.
Lively, Jack
Ploeger, Roy I
Winkelseth, George

Staff Sergeants:
Cunningham, Quentin H.
Enderle, Jack E.
Kaminski, Maxmillian J.
Kolodiej, George E.
Kuzma, Stephen
Lancaster, John J.
Lowery, Frank A.
Lusk, William H.
McCollum, Willie
Moen, Melvin
Risley, Earl K.
Russel, Maynard E.
Walker, Carl L.

Bristow, William C.
Burmeister, Frank P.
Campbell, Lewis O.
Christenson, George A.
Constantine, Kermit J.
Davis, Howell F.
Edwards, Kenneth C.
Edwards, Kenneth C.
Forrister, Jack
Foristal, Richard L.
Fugit, Emmet C.
Gammage, George R.
Gardner, Mervin E.
Gottleib, Harold
Gravoski, Edward C.
Greenway, Ted A.
Gregorious, Wilford O.
Hain, Charles A.
Harris, Arizona T.
Holcomb, Clarence C.
Hull, Howard N.
Landrum, Charles C.
Lengel, Calvin H.
Leonhard, Linus G.
Linhart, Clarence J.
Lofing, George Jr.
McIntosh, Kenneth A.
McNutt, Wilburn I
Minson, Jack E
Morgan, Harlow H.
Newlen, Carl S.
Person, Bruce A.
Pendleton, James H.
Perkovich, Amil J.
Richardson, Russell E
Robinson, Maurice W.
Shipman, Lloyd R.
Swatkowski, Ladislaus
Wendeloski, Chester T.
Whittle, Leroy J.
Wiley, Victor D.

Ailes, Wayne B.
Banks, Robert N
Brown, Richard P.
Barber, Tom C.
Bowlan, Bruce D.
Butler, James A.
Campbell, Walter C.
Christenson, Allen D.
Cleveland, Eldon A.
Dillard, Curtis
Dorozinsky, John
Doss, Herman D.
Dowell, Kenneth K.
Earl Nuron H.
Fassum, Harold R.
Forman, Thomas R.
Freshour, Blonda G.
Glover, Homer B.
Harris, Albert E. Jr.
Heidenreich, William L.
Herstmann, Sylvester L.
Holton, Gordon W.
Jamar, Jack T.
James, Russel N.
Knapp, Robert T.
Lambert, Henry V.
Larson, Lawrence H.
MacQuiddy, Russell R.
Major, Virgil E.
Mandley, Irvin J.
Mills, Harvey L.
North, Howard L.
Oakley, John A.
Palmer, Woodrow T.
Patrick, Otus P.
Percel, Robert F.
Rothwell, Robert
Service, Melvin P.
Smith, Robert M.
Sparr, Leo J.
Torgerson, Merle E.
Tracewell, Mahlon W.
Turnbow, Royce L.
Uhlon, Henry W.
VanLaningham, David C.
Waleza, Benedict J.
Walling, Robert H.
White, William
Wighman, Lisle M.
Wilds, Robert
Wilson, Carl W.

Privates 1st Class:
Bowers, Russell H.
Brown, Claude C
Burdette, Glenn C.
Clark, Champ W.
Clark, Champ W.
Dias, Charles
Forsyth, Robert B.
Frazier, Cosdon
Freauff, Albert J.
Fredericks, Harry E.
Golden, John C. Jr.
Goss, Raymond Jr.
Gregory, Edward A.
Gross, Andrew J.
Hathaway, Harry H.
Hawksworth, Alfred E.
Heinecke, John B.
Holly, Furtis R
Kelly, Leo W.
King, Maurice C.
Minet, Roland B.
Papin, Joseph A.
Peller, Leonard P.
Pucheu, Pete J.
Romer, Harold H.
Selley, Michael B.
Smith, Jesse L.
Somsen, Maurice L
Sonnenstine, Newland
Starr, Edwin
Wall, Charles S.
Williams, Oval D.
Wood, Thomas A.
Yoder, Clyde J.

Albert, Carl J
Anderson, Freeman B.
Barbiere, Robert
Baumgartner, William J.
Benese, Frederick W.
Blakley, James R.
Boyer, John N.
Cameron, Robert G.
Cardin, Robert
Gibbs, Vernon P.
Gray, Robert L.
Grisson, Carlton B. Jr.
Guthrie, Robert N.
Guthrie, Robert N.
Halbrook, Quentin T.
Hammond, Paul A.
Holt, Hebert G.
Hoover, Harold H.
Hull, Frederick
Jewell, Donald E.
Juza, Bernard L.
Lochimes, Robert W.
Loomis, Frank C.
Long, Russel A.
MacArthur, Everett
Magness, Roy O.
McCray, Warren T.
Miller, Fred W.
Miller, Harry R.
Miller, Russell D.
Mottola, Frank H.
Musser, Eugene, L.
Myers, Ralph B.
Nidelehoff, Nicholas
Oliver, Jack P.
Osmundson, Horace L.
Plaga, Leo J.
Roden, Leon E.
Rowe, John E.
Saferight, Joe
Scofield, Ernest C.
Sherry, Joseph J.
Summers, Bert R.
Sopko, Joseph P.
Taylor, Charles M.
Weddle, Adrian
Wiley, Joseph C.

As the members settled in their new base at Geiger Field in Spokane Washington the 301st Group was adding newly trained members to its ranks. Some 32nd members were transferred to other Squadrons of the Group and new personnel began to arrive daily. The next couple of months the 32nd was busy getting organized and preparing for it's eventual trip overseas. Rumors were flying but no one knew the theatre of operation they would be assigned to. The Group moved to Almagordo, New Mexico on May 25, 1942 and the ground echelon had some training at White Sands New Mexico. While there Sun Pith Helmets were issued and some one started rumors that the group was training for Desert Warfare. The 301st was eventually stationed near a desert in North Africa where it was cool at night and hot, windy and sandy during the day. It was never known whether the rumor was true or just another rumor. Below is a complete roster of 32nd personnel stationed at Geiger Field, Spokane Washington on May 2nd 1942 prior to moving to Almagordo, New Mexico on May 25, 1942.

32nd Bombardment Squadron (H) AFCC

Geiger Field,
Spokane, Washington

Subject: Roster of Officers and Enlisted Personnel
TO: M.A. Kempton, 1st Lieutenant, Personnel Officer

May 2, 1942

Cox, JohnMajorO-266946Commanding O.
Knorrs, F. J. Captain O-371982 Operations O.
Fleming, M. D. 1st Lieutenant O-375337 Adjutant
Jordan R. E. 1st Lieutenant O-422684 Squadron Surgeon
Miller, Charles 1st Lieutenant O-430181 Pilot
Traylor, John N. 1st Lieutenant O-375337 Pilot
Akarman, K. T. 2nd Lieutenant O-435665 Pilot
Blauw, Robert H. 2nd Lieutenant O-432036 Pilot
Broderick, W. C. 2nd Lieutenant O-435670 Pilot
Bruce, John B, 2nd Lieutenant O-431847 Assistant Eng. O.
Buchanan O. L. 2nd Lieutenant O-431848 Pilot
Buddenhaun, O. A. 2nd Lieutenant O-435852 Pilot
Burkhardt, N. E. 2nd Lieutenant O-724128 Bombardier
Byer, Paul E. 2nd Lieutenant O-724014 Navigator
Collier, C. E. 2nd Lieutenant O-443502 Bombardier
Crandall, William H. 2nd Lieutenant O-443499 Bombardier
Cranner, Charles W. 2nd Lieutenant O-430570 Pilot
Cole, Clifton E. 2nd Lieutenant O-431861 Pilot
Cunningham, Paul D. 2nd Lieutenant O-431005 Pilot
Ces Georges, H. W. 2nd Lieutenant O-426945 Engineering O.
Dexter, John H. 2nd Lieutenant O-443162 Navigator
Donahue, John W. 2nd Lieutenant O-724023 Navigator
Eiser, N. J. 2nd Lieutenant O-724028 Navigator
Forrest, S. L 2nd Lieutenant O-724032 Navigator
Frattali, N. L. 2nd Lieutenant O-724033 Navigator
Johnson, Roy 2nd Lieutenant O-435786 Pilot
Kalhoefer, M. R. 2nd Lieutenant O-435780 Pilot
Kavanaugh, R. L. 2nd Lieutenant O-436791 Pilot
Lopes, F. L. 2nd Lieutenant O-724289 Bombardier
MacKay, N. C. 2nd Lieutenant O-724069 Navigator
McClellan, Palmer S. 2nd Lieutenant O-724175 Bombardier
Morales, C. H. 2nd Lieutenant O-435977 Pilot
Reed, John G. 2nd Lieutenant O-724175 Bombardier
Roller, Jack 2nd Lieutenant O-435990 Pilot
Shively, Jacob C 2nd Lieutenant O-724076 Navigator
Shumaker, Thomas A. 2nd Lieutenant O-724080 Navigator
Sloulin, W. C. 2nd Lieutenant O-420402 Pilot
Snyder, Louis A. 2nd Lieutenant O-432138 Pilot
Toland, Hugh H. 2nd Lieutenant O-724177 Bombardier
Wilkins, J. C. 2nd Lieutenant O-724179 Bombardier


Collins, Charles H. Master Sergeant R-920937 Ap. Mechanic
Smith, Roscoe O. Master Sergeant R-1053321 Ap. Mechanic
Stout, Fred L. Master Sergeant 6263459 Radio Operator
Tompkins, A. W. Master Sergeant 6568354 Ap. Mechanic
Wilson, William A. Master Sergeant R-2133740 Line Chief
Lundgren, Charles A. First Sergeant 19011156 First Sergeant
Cronan. Thomas J Tech Sergeant 6993002 Ap. Met Skr
Fahey, Bernard A. Tech Sergeant 6576184 Ap. Mechanic
Guy, Robert A. Tech Sergeant 6862738 Ap. Mechanic
Hall, Earl J. Tech Sergeant 6559689 Ap. Mechanic
Jamrog, N. J. Tech Sergeant 6860592 Ap. Mechanic
Kuzan, Stephan Tech Sergeant 6942459 Ap. Mechanic
Lancaster, John J. Tech Sergeant R-1422873 Tech Clerk
Lowery, Frank A. Tech Sergeant 6655025 Armament
Lusk, William H. Tech Sergeant 6571819 Ap. Mechanic
Ploeger, Roy I. Tech Sergeant 6538189 Ap. Mechanic
Russell Maynard E. Tech Sergeant 6570279 Ap. Mechanic
Walker, Carl L. Tech Sergeant 6560984 Ap. Mechanic
Cunningham, Q. H. Staff Sergeant 15013269 Ap. Mechanic
Enderle, Jack E. Staff Sergeant 37045960 Clerk, Adm.
Kaminski, Maximillian Staff Sergeant 6898729 Parachute Rig.
Kolodiej, George E. Staff Sergeant 6999603 Instrument Spec.
Moen, Melvin Staff Sergeant 6933238 Armament
Morgan, Harlow R. Staff Sergeant 6578719 Ap. Mechanic
Richardson, Russell E. Staff Sergeant 6753036 Ap. Mechanic
Risley, Earl K. Jr. Staff Sergeant 19049024 Clerk, Adm.
Swatkowski, L. Z. Staff Sergeant 6710840 Mess Supervisor
White, William Staff Sergeant Ap. Mechanic
Ailes, Wayne B. Sergeant 16029027 Radio Opr. Mech.
Bristow, William G. Sergeant 17029341 Armament
Brown, Richard P. Sergeant 6914257 Armament
Burmeister, Frank P. Sergeant 6569175 Armament
Christenson, George Sergeant 19051285 Ap. Mechanic
Constantine, Kermit J. Sergeant 20460324 Radio Opr. Mech.
Davis, Howell F. Sergeant 14029086 Radio Opr. Mech.
Dorozinsky,John Sergeant 6897760 Ap. Mechanic
Earl, Myron B. Sergeant 19028898 Cook
Foerster, Jack S. Sergeant 6555775 Clerk, Adm.
Foristal, Richard L. Sergeant 37059831 Clerk, Adm.
Fugit, Emmet C. Sergeant 37075118 Cook
Gammage, George R. Sergeant 19051412 Clerk, Adm.
Gardner, Mervin E. Sergeant 6938076 Ap. Mechanic
Gottlieb, Harold Sergeant 6570750 Armament
Graboski, Edward C. Sergeant 6995362 Radio Opr. Mech.
Greenway, Ted A. Sergeant 6916546 Ap. Mechanic
Gregorious, Wilford Sergeant 19038325 Clerk Adm.
Hain, Charles A. Sergeant 6938080 Cook
Harris, Arizona T. Sergeant 6286272 Ap. Met. Wkr.
Holcomb, Clarence C. Sergeant 6819676 Cook
Hull, Howard H. Sergeant 19014046 Cook
Lengel, Calvin H. Sergeant 13008827 Armament
Leonhard, Linus C. Sergeant 6580530 Ap. Mechanic
Linhart, Clarence J. Sergeant 6937684 Ap. Mechanic
Lofing, George Jr. Sergeant 6936108 Ap. Mechanic
Masterson, Richard I. Sergeant 19045755 Cook
McIntosh, Kenneth A. Sergeant 6580738 Ap. Mechanic
Minson, Jack E. Sergeant 6297819 Ap. Mechanic
Newlen, Carl S. Sergeant 6941088 Ap. Mechanic
Pendleton, James H. Sergeant 13015501 Radio Opr. Mech
Perkovich, Emil J. Sergeant 16020802 Ap. Mechanic
Person, Bruce A. Sergeant 17004375 Clerk, Adm.
Robinson, Maurice Sergeant 6914339 Ap. Mech.
Wendeloski, Chester Sergeant 13019824 Armament
Whittle, Leroy J. Sergeant 19018120 Clerk, Adm.
Wilk, Walter Sergeant 6562755 Cook
Banks, Robert N. Corporal 19051354 Armament
Barber, Tom C. Corporal 18019747 Clerk, Adm.
Bowlan, Bruce D. Corporal 6936485 Ap. Mech.
Butler, James A. Corporal 17019027 Armament
Campbell, Walter C. Corporal 6575542 Armament
Christensen, Allen D. Corporal 20924975 Cook
Cleveland, Eldon A. Corporal 7010260 Clerk, Adm,
Dillard, Curtis Corporal 18030902 Basic
Doss, Herman B. Corporal 15013377 Radio Opr. Mech.
Dowell, Kenneth K. Corporal 6569620 Radio Opr. Mech.
Forman, Thomas H. Corporal 6580687 Ap. Mechanic
Freshour, Blonda G. Corporal 15013474 Clerk, Adm.
Harris, Albert E. Jr. Corporal 19030569 Ap. Mechanic
Hauge, Manfred D. Corporal 6572612 Clerk, Adm.
Heinecke, John B Corporal 19038807 Armament
Holton, Gordon W. Corporal 3577844 Ap. Mechanic
Horstman, Sylvester Corporal 37059997 Radio Opr. Mech.
Jamar, Jack T. Corporal 19038004 Ap. Mech.
James, Russell W. Corporal 19030365 Carpenter
Knapp, Robert T. Corporal 35027613 Clerk, Adm.
Lambert, Henry V. Corporal 19050707 Radio Opr. Mech.
Larson, Lawrence H. Corporal 6937872 Armament
MacQuiddy, Russell Corporal 19050433 Ap. Mechanic
Major, Virgil E. Corporal 19055905 Radio Opr. Mech.
Mandley, Irvin J. Corporal 18007775 Radio Opr. Mech.
Mills, Harvey L. Corporal 6931782 Ap. Mech.
North, Howard L. Corporal 6903845 Ap. Mech.
Oakley, John A. Corporal 19039116 Cook
Palmer, Woodrow T. Corporal 6298055 Clerk, Adm.
Percel, Robert F. Corporal 20745309 Armament
Pucheu, Pete J. Corporal 19002971 Ap. Mechanic
Romer, Harold H. Corporal 6871012 Radio Opr. Mech.
Service, Melvin P. Corporal 15066460 Cook
Smith, Robert M. Corporal 18051077 Draftsman
Sparr, Leo J. Corporal 7026841 Ap. Mechanic
Torgerson, Merle E. Corporal 37046055 Ap. Mechanic
Tracewell, Mahlon W. Corporal 19004219 Acft. Met. Wkr.
VanLaningham, David Corporal 6580234 Ap. Mechanic
Walezak, Benedict J. Corporal 15019355 Clerk, Adm.
Walling, Robert M. Corporal 5479247 Ap. Mechanic
Wightman, Liele M. Corporal 6578482 Ap. Mechanic
Wilds, Robert Corporal 19059848 Clerk, Adm.
Wilson, Carl W. Corporal 15066439 Cook
Baumgartner, William Private 1st Class 15069856 Ap. Mechanic
Bowers, Russell H. Private 1st Class 19049293 Ap. Mechanic
Brown, Claude C. Private 1st Class 19012765 Ap. Mechanic
Burdette, Glenn P. Private 1st Class 6940370 Clerk, Adm.
Cameron, Robert G. Private 1st Class 19059421 Armament
Clark, Champ W. Private 1st Class 19038642 Basic
Clark, Leslie M. Private 1st Class 18047358 Ap. Mechanic
Dias, Charles Private 1st Class 19038659 Ap. Mechanic
Forsyth, Robert B. Private 1st Class 19051259 Ap. Mechanic
Frazier, Cosden Private 1st Class 6273983 Basic
Freauff, Albert J. Private 1st Class 19015075 Ap. Mechanic
Fredericks, Harry E. Private 1st Class 6566608 Basic
Golden, John C. Jr. Private 1st Class 6288051 Ap. Mechanic
Gregory, Edward A. Private 1st Class 15066521 Basic
Gross, Andrew J. Private 1st Class 15066834 Ap. Mechanic
Hathaway, Harry H. Private 1st Class 37130594 Basic
Hawksworth, Alfred Private 1st Class 19050503 Radio Opr. Mech.
Holly, Curtis R Private 1st Class 6296435 Clerk, Adm.
King, Maurice Private 1st Class 7010337 Clerk, Adm.
Minet, Roland B. Private 1st Class 19002927 Ap. Mechanic
Papin, Joseph A. Private 1st Class 17016444 Acft. Met. Wkr.
Peller, Leonard P. Private 1st Class 19050709 Ap. Mechanic
Seeley, Michael B. Private 1st Class 6572011 Teletype Opr.
Somsen, Maurice L. Private 1st Class 19051296 Armament
Starr, Edwin Private 1st Class 15066326 Clerk, Adm.
Wall, Charles S. Jr. Private 1st Class 14021787 Basic
Wood, Thomas A. Private 1st Class 6274604 Ap. Mechanic
Williams, Oval D. Private 1st Class 15066389 Ap. Mechanic
Yoder, Clyde J. Private 1st Class 15063550 Clerk, Adm.
Albert, Carl J. Private 20617944 Ap. Mechanic
Anderson, Freeman B. Private 12029401 Ap. Mechanic
Anderson, Robert Private 35170961 Ap. Mechanic
Arnold, Ernest F. Private 17035780 Basic
Ash, William H. Private 33068021 Basic
Ayers, Anson V. Private 12029581 Basic
Azvedo, Joseph B. Private 39083329 Basic
Bailey, Roy B. Private 12006108 Basic
Barbiere, Robert Private 12032936 Ap. Mechanic
Barlow, Robert E. Private 39603331 Basic
Barnes, Richard J. Private 11029582 Basic
Bartuska, Stanley A. Private 39382152 Basic
Basnaw, Richard L. Private 19060287 Basic
Beamon, Winfred A. Private 34172529 Basic
Bean, Eric B. Private 38044974 Basic
Beasley, William O. Private 14051796 Basic
Beck, Lloyd S. Private 17033832 Basic
Beeler, W. C. Private 15082273 Basic
Beneze, Frederick W. Private 16019396 Ap. Mechanic
Berg, Albert J Private 39304121 Basic
Benner Daniel B. Private 19060510 Basic
Billups, Robert R. Private 11015912 Basic
Black, Harry N. Private 12033297 asic
Blakely, James R. Private 7010366 Basic
Blanchard, Thomas Private 38058706 Basic
Bland, Charles J. Private 16035201 Basic
Bloedau, Richard K Private 37094400 Basic
Bollenbacher, Curtis Private 13038609 Basic
Bochenek, Joseph Private 36301160 Basic
Boussum, Harold H. Private 13029364 Basic
Boyer, John N. Private 15018763 Radio Opr. Mech.
Burczak, Stanley P. Private 15082198 Basic
Buseth, Archie C. Private 17026933 Basic
Braun, Samuel J. Private 36047899 Basic
Broshious, Henry H Private 35283442 Basic
Budge, Cameron H. Private 39012696 Basic
Burke, Donald C. Private 35037280 Basic
Cardin Robert Private 6152040 Basic
Castiglione, Vincent Private 13943198 Basic
Chesshir,Bernard D. Private 37071494 Basic
Church, Patrick L. Private 39168698 Basic
Chambers, James D. Private 39603397 Basic
Cipollina, Nicholas Private 12033450 Basic
Corron, Lloyd E. Private 18052567 Basic
Digiovani, Baptiste J. Private 19000549 Ap. Mechanic
Gibbs, Vernon M. Private 15098692 Clerk, Adm.
Goodwin, Freance L. Private 15069247 Basic
Gray, Robert L. Private 19038422 Basic
Grissom, Carlton B. Private 18046304 Basic
Guthrie, Robert N. Private 15069779 Basic
Halbrook, Quentin T. Private 37068780 Ap. Mechanic
Hammond, Paul A. Private 15019923 Basic
Hannaman, Robert H. Private 16009951 Ap. Mechanic
Holt, Herbert G. Private 18044298 Ap. Mechanic
Hoover, Harold H. Private 6289848 Ap. Mechanic
Housh, John L. Private 15089640 Basic
Hughes, Henry P. Jr. Private 17020034 Ap. Mechanic
Hull, Fredrick J. Private 19050374 Ap. Mechanic
Jewell, Donald E. Private 16009966 Ap. Mechanic
Jung, Peter Private 35302478 Armament
Juza, Bernard L. Private 16022595 Ap. Mechanic
Karjala, Karle Private 19063014 Armament
Kawczynski, Thomas Private 36304394 Armament
Keaton, Alfred C. Private 16042902 Armament
Keefer, Obie G. Private 39082547 Armament
Keith, Eugene L. Private 34175013 Armament
Keithly, Irwin L. Private 19003298 Armament
Kelly, Claude A. Jr. Private 15083461 Armament
Kelly, James A. Jr. Private 13044663 Armament
Kelly, James W. Private 39381195 Armament
Kennedy, Raymond Private 37069469 Armament
Kenney, David N. Private 18046753 Armament
Kensler, Paul C. Private 6860010 Armament
Kern, Lyle C. Private 19011767 Armament
Kerns, James W. Jr. Private 15071762 Armament
Kerley, George R. Private 18080875 Armament
Kerss, Joseph E. Private 18053976 Armament
Ketch, William H. Jr. Private 12038007 Armament
Kile, Charles Private 19060545 Armament
Kimmel, Elden L. Private 16030251 Armament
Kinlen, John S. Private 33115004 Armament
Koehler, Arthur Private 39090660 Basic
Landrum, Charlie C. Private 13015106 Cook
Logen, Leonard J. Private 39302817 Basic
Loomis, Frank C. Private 19055989 Basic
MacArthur, Everett Private 6945207 Ap. Mechanic
Maggiolina, Leonard Private 35283353 Basic
Magness, Troy O. Private 18002020 Radio Opr. Mech
McCray, Warren T. Private 18051069 Basic
Miller, Harry R. Private 35211211 Basic
Mottola, Frank R. Private 15019737 Clerk, Adm.
Musser, Eugene L. Private 6996038 Basic
Oliver, Jack P. Private 19049023 Basic
Orr, Miles D. Private 34004209 Basic
Osmundson, Horace Private 6947113 Basic
Plaga, Lee J. Private 35027648 Clerk, Adm
Ramsey, Frederick Private 19000888 Radio Opr. Mech.
Richardson, Wardie Private 38087543 Basic
Roden, Leon E. Private 18051075 Basic
Rose, Gerald E. Private 20346864 Basic
Rowe, John E. Private 15019477 Armament
Saferight, Joe Jr. Private 15066351 Ap. Mechanic
Schwede, Walter G. Private 18067794 Clerk, Adm.
Scofield, Ernest C. Private 19074547 Basic
Sherry, Joseph J. Private 16047314 Basic
Smith, Van H. Private 38028155 Basic
Sommers, John F. Private 19022704 Basic
Sopko, Joseph P. Private 15019356 Clerk, Adm.
Staranick, Nick Private 39164649 Basic
Stewart, William T. Private 13046298 Clerk, Adm.
Strickell, Arthur L. Private 17032859 Basic
Strickland, Joseph W. Private 14048499 Basic
Swank, Charles E. Private 16019586 Basic
Sweeney, John Private 33120057 Basic
Taylor, Charles M. Private 15066419 Radio Opr. Mech.
Taylor, John W. Private 15087916 Clerk, Adm.
Temple, Charlie L. Private 14063346 Basic
Terry, Robert T. Private 18063568 Basic
Thigpen, Herman A. Private 34134177 Basic
Thomas, James V. Private 18057135 Basic
Thompson, Boyd W. Jr. Private 13033887 Clerk, Adm.
Thompson, Eugene Private 37092142 Basic
Toole, Carl W. Private 15083782 Ap. Mechanic
Townsend, Eugene M Private 11016828 Ap. Mechanic
Volker, Joseph R. Private 12038123 Basic
Wadlington, William Private 34134404 Basic
Weddle, Adrian O. Private 15063621 Basic
Weir, William H. Private 17034998 Clerk, Adm.
Williams, William T. Private 35108846 Basic
Young, William C. Private 17031107 Ap. Mechanic


Fritz, Justin L. Private 1st Class 37041480 Medical
Czerwinski, Alois A. Private 36229777 Medical
Kowitz, Alfred D. Private 39380085 Medical
Lambert, Wayne Private 37120095 Medical
Lamphear, John K. Private 37073873 Medical
Schlihs, Robert E. Private 18069397 Medical
Simmons, Paul G. Private 16035151 Medical
Wallace, Wayne Private 38021665 Medical
Whorton, Tom J. Private 70057803 Medical


Jesser, Andrew C. Private 12033488 Ap. Mechanic
Johnson, Ralph W. Private 36227172 Ap. Mechanic
Judge, Elmer W. Private 39012731 Ap. Mechanic
Jungenamier, Paul E. Private 15070122 Ap. Mechanic
Kaminski, Herman Private 13029384 Ap. Mechanic
Kampel, Edward J. Private 13038273 Ap. Mechanic
Kealey, Christopher Private 39167557 Ap. Mechanic
Keenan, Francis P. Private 15070861 Ap. Mechanic
Keim, Harley Private 37094373 Ap. Mechanic
Kile, Harold Private 13025905 Ap. Mechanic
King, Karis R. Private 39165311 Ap. Mechanic
Kirkpatrick, Charles Private 39382059 Ap. Mechanic
Knowles, Otis W. Private 38034735 Ap. Mechanic
Knutson, Charles I. Private 37094386 Ap. Mechanic
Kulibaba, Peter Private 12033443 Ap. Mechanic
Kuppig, Donald N. Private 17031659 Ap. Mechanic
Lamberson, Jacob D. Private 12033473 Ap. Mechanic
Larson, Clarence A. Private 16046528 Ap. Mechanic
Larsen, Olaf A. Private 12033365 Ap. Mechanic
Lasinski, Richard A. Private 13043173 Ap. Mechanic